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Case Management related memos

This list can be searched by date sent by first pressing Ctrl+F to open the "Find" box, entering a date in the format of mm/dd/yyyy, and then clicking Next to the right of the "Find" box.

03/17/2020 Market Rate Case Management Issue – February 2020 Billing Report

02/12/2020 Market Rate Case Management Issue - January 2020 Billing Report

01/13/2020 Market Rate Case Management Issue - December 2019 Billing Report

12/12/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - November 2019 Billing Report

11/15/2019 Electronic Authorization Q&A Sessions and FAQ Guide

11/12/2019 Out-stationed Worker Changes/Medicaid Enrollment

11/12/2019 Market Rate case Management Issue - October 2019 Billing Report

11/04/2019 Electronic Authorization Follow Up for Case Managers

10/28/2019 Guidelines for Case Management Annual Planning

10/11/2019 Pending Waiver Enrollment - Community Supports and Intellectual Disability/Related Disabilities Waivers

10/10/2019 SC Vocational Rehabilitation Referrals/Closures

10/09/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue – August & September 2019 Billing Reports

10/02/2019 Waiver Authorization Changes – Training Sessions

09/23/2019 Waiver Authorization Changes

09/16/2019 Waiver Case Management (WCM) 60% Safety Net Extended to December 31, 2019

09/09/2019 Waiver Case Management Requests

09/09/2019 Invoice Report Analysis Guidance Document

08/09/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - July 2019 Billing Report


07/26/2019 Case Management Error

07/10/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - June 2019 Billing

06/20/2019 Update: CMS Home and Community-Based Settings Regulation Implementation and
Provider Compliance Action Plans (CAPs)

06/11/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - May 2019 Billing Report

05/24/2019 Waiver Case Management Training Announcement

05/14/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - April 2019 Billing Report

04/11/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - March 2019 Billing Report and Guide to CM Reports

03/26/2019 HASCI Waiver Policy Update - Delegation of Skilled Nursing Task

03/19/2019 CM Market Rate Issue: Final Financial Break-Even Spreadsheets

03/15/2019 Transition Plan - Market Rate Case Management Issue

03/14/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - February 2019 Billing Report

03/08/2019 CM Market Rate Issue: DRAFT Financial Break-Even Spreadsheets

02/12/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue - January 2019 Billing Issues

01/16/2019 Market Rate Case Management Issue-December 2018 Billing Reports

12/18/2018 Therap Update and Case Management User Guide

12/17/2018 Market Rate Case Management Issue-November 2018 Billing Report

12/06/2018 Market Rate Case Management Issue-October 2018 Billing Report