DDSN Directives, Standards, and Manuals

DDSN establishes policies and procedures for operating the DDSN service delivery system to coordinate the efforts of all participants, principally consumers, providers, and DDSN.  DDSN establishes policies and procedures through Directives, Standards, and Manuals. 

Directives have a policy emphasis and cover a broad range of topics organized numerically into the following categories:     

  •  Directives:
    • 100-General Administrative, Community Education, Legal
    • 200-Fiscal, Internal Audit, Community Contracts
    • 300-Engineering, Services and Supplies, IT
    • 400-Human Resource Management
    • 500-SCDDSN Services, STS, Advocacy, Staff Development
    • 600-Regional Services and Programs
    • 700-Community Services and Programs

A list of Directive titles in numerical order: Listing of DDSN Directives by Reference Number

Full text directives in alphabetical order: Current DDSN Directives

  •  Standards:

Standards generally set forth “how” a DDSN service is to be performed. 

Full text standards in alphabetical order: Current DDSN Standards

  •  Manuals:

Manuals generally establish procedures to supplement policy set forth in Directives or Standards.  Full text DDSN manuals are:

CIRS Manual (PDF)

Community Supports (CS) Waiver Manual

Consumer Personal Funds/Property Training (YouTube)

Early Intervention Manual

Finance Manual (PDF)

Finance Manual Forms (PDF)

Head and Spinal Cord Injury (HASCI) Waiver Manual

Health Care Guidelines

Human Rights Committee Training Resource Manual (PDF)

Intellectual Disability and Related Disabilities (ID/RD) Waiver Manual

State-Funded Community Supports Manual

State-Funded Follow-Along (PDF)


  • External Review/Public Comment on Directives and Standards:

The DSN Commission Reviews/Revises/Approves new and existing Policies, Directives and Standards.  The Fiscal Year 2024 list is available by clicking below.  This list may be adjusted as the Fiscal Year progresses.

Fiscal Year 2024 List of Policies/Directives/Standards for Committee Review

Policies/Directives/Standards are reviewed and revised every four (4) years.  The External Review period is 10 business days.

List of full text Directives or Standards under review for external review/public comment located at:

DDSN Directives and Standards Under Review for External Review/Public Comment

If you have a recommendation for the DDSN Commission Policy Committee to review a specific Directive or Standard, please email