The purpose of the Community Supports Waiver is to serve people with intellectual disability or related disabilities whose waiver service needs will not exceed the individual cost limit set forth in the waiver, in their home and/or community. It also offers opportunities for individuals to self-direct certain services if they choose.

Published March 2009

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 (PDF)    What is a Waiver?
Chapter 2 (PDF)    CS Waiver Document
Chapter 3 (PDF)    Requesting a Slot - Community Supports Information (PDF)
Chapter 4 (PDF)    Freedom of Choice
Chapter 5 (PDF)    ICF/IID Level of Care
Chapter 6 (PDF)    Enrollments
Chapter 7 (PDF)    Disenrollments
Chapter 8 (PDF)    Extension, Reduction, Suspension, Denial or Termination of Waiver Services
Chapter 9 (PDF)    Waiver Services

Chapter 10    Miscellaneous

  • Preventative/Rehabilitative Services for Primary Care Enhancement (P/RSPCE)
  • Principle Interaction Between P/RSPCE and Medicaid HCB Waiver Programs
  • Community Supports Waiver and Hospice Services
  • Out of State Travel for Community Supports Waiver Individuals
  • Income Trust
  • Purging a Community Supports Waiver File

Chapter 11    Transferring a Waiver Case