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Where We Deliver Services


In Local Communities

DDSN provides services to the majority of eligible individuals in their home communities through contracts with local service-provider agencies. Many of these agencies are called Disabilities and Special Needs (DSN) Boards, and they serve every county in South Carolina. There are also other qualified service providers available in many locations around the state.


In-State Regional Centers

DDSN also provides 24-hour care for individuals with more complex, severe disabilities in Regional Centers, located in Columbia, Florence, Clinton, Summerville and Hartsville. DDSN directly oversees the operation of these facilities, which are managed by a facility administrator.


How Our Services Are Funded

Programs for people with severe, lifelong disabilities and special needs are funded through state, federal and local governments. State funding is key to both federal and local resources. DDSN makes every effort to ensure that government leaders at every level are well informed about the needs of people with disabilities and special needs.


Local, county and municipal governments benefit from jobs created and dollars spent in communities for DDSN programs. DDSN encourages local governments to share financial responsibility for providing services to local citizens, and at the same time DDSN assures services are available statewide.