The Intellectual Disability and Related Disabilities (ID/RD) Manual provides an in-depth, thorough description of the process of applying for and acquiring an ID/RD Waiver. You may download each chapter listed in the table of contents below.

September 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 (PDF)   What is a Waiver?
Chapter 2 (PDF)   South Carolina’s ID/RD Waiver
Chapter 3 (PDF)   Requesting a Slot - ID/RD Waiver Information (PDF)
Chapter 4 (PDF)   Freedom of Choice
Chapter 5 (PDF)   ICF/IID Level of Care
Chapter 6 (PDF)   Enrollments
Chapter 7 (PDF)   Disenrollment
Chapter 8 (PDF)   Alternative Residential Placements - Updated Form 33 (PDF)
Chapter 9 (PDF)   Denial, Reduction, Suspension or Termination of Waiver Services
Chapter 10 (PDF) Waiver Services

Chapter 11 (PDF)   Waiver Overview
Chapter 12 (PDF)   Miscellaneous

  • Preventative/Rehabilitative Services for Primary Care Enhancement (P/RSPCE)
  • Principle Interaction between P/RSPCE and ID/RD Waiver
  • ID/RD Waiver and Hospice Services
  • Out of State Travel for ID/RD Waiver recipients
  • Income Trust
  • Purging an ID/RD Waiver File
  • Emergency Service Approval

Chapter 13 (PDF)   Transferring A Waiver Case To Another Service Coordination/Early Intervention Provider