The following discrete services are offered by DDSN and are collectively referred to as DDSN “Day Services.” Each discrete service has its own definition and are provided in, or originate from, facilities licensed by DDSN.

Career Preparation is aimed at preparing participants for careers through exposure to and experience with various careers and through teaching such concepts as compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving, safety, self-determination, and self-advocacy.  Career Preparation training is part of a seamless training system that will prepare individuals to pursue further employment opportunities, insure job stability and launch successful careers. 

Community Service is aimed at developing one’s awareness of, interaction with and/or participation in their community through exposure to and experience in the community and through teaching such concepts as self-determination, self-advocacy, socialization and the accrual of social capital. Community Service provides individuals the opportunity to maximize their exposure, experience and participation within their local community.

Day Activity services include supports and services provided in therapeutic settings to enable participants to achieve, maintain, improve, or decelerate the loss of personal care, social or adaptive skills. Day Activity services allow individuals to spend time away from home in a supervised setting where person-centered activities enable them to actualize their potential, meet their goals and enjoy new experiences.

Support Center service includes non-medical care, supervision and assistance provided in a non-institutional, group setting outside of the participant’s home to individuals who because of their disability are unable to care for and supervise themselves. Support Center services allow individuals to spend time away from home in a supervised setting.

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