Case Management Services are intended to assure that individuals who are eligible for DDSN services have access to a full array of necessary services that will enable them to live in community settings (i.e., their home, a group home, etc.) rather than in institutional settings (i.e., ICF/IID, Nursing Facility, etc.).

Case Management Services are provided by trained professionals, called Case Managers, who have knowledge of the medical, social, educational, and other services that are available. Case Managers learn about each individual’s specific needs, through assessment, so that he/she may plan for and facilitate the delivery of specific services to meet those needs. The case Manager assures that services are appropriate and effective and, as needed, makes referrals and/or links people to appropriate service providers.

Case Managers are employed by Disabilities and Special Needs (DSN) Boards and contracted service provider agencies that have been qualified by DDSN as providers of Case Management Services.

Those who will receive Case Management Services must choose a service provider from among those available. Find a Service Provider

To learn more about a Case Management provider, see the Dashboard for Provider Performance.

To learn more about the requirements for providers of Case Management, see the DDSN Case Management Standards.