Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Background (PDF)

  • History of the SCDDSN Head and Spinal Cord Injury Division
  • What is a Medicaid Waiver?
  • Medicaid HCBS Waiver Programs in South Carolina

Chapter 2: Official HASCI Waiver Document (PDF)

Chapter 3: Eligibility and Slot Allocation (PDF)

  • HASCI Waiver Eligibility
  • Management of HASCI Waiver Slots
  • Requesting a HASCI Waiver Slot
  • HASCI Waiver Waiting List
  • Allocation of HASCI Waiver Slots
  • HASCI Waiver Residential Slots
  • Referrals from SCDSS or SCDMH
  • Removal from the HASCI Waiver Waiting List

Chapter 4: Enrollment and Termination (PDF)

  • Initiating HASCI Waiver Enrollment
  • Medicaid Eligibility
  • Level of Care
  • Determining Services and Enrollment Date
  • Completing Enrollment
  • Level of Care Re-evaluation
  • HASCI Waiver Termination

Chapter 5: Service Procedures (PDF)

  • Selection of HASCI Waiver Services and Providers
  • Justifying Services in the Individual’s Plan
  • Budgeting for HASCI Waiver Services
  • Service Tracking System
  • Service Authorizations
  • Monitorship of HASCI Waiver Services
  • Service Denial, Reduction, Suspension, Termination

Chapter 6 Services

Chapter 7: Transferring a Waiver Case (PDF)

Chapter 8: Miscellaneous (PDF)

  • HASCI Waiver and Hospice Services
  • Out of State Travel
  • Income Trust