Simply put a "Waiver" is a program that allows people who would otherwise need institutionalization to receive services out in the community instead of in an institution.  It contains a package of services that goes above and beyond what is offered through regular Medicaid.  Each waiver is unique with its own service package and requirements.  


What are the requirements to be in a waiver?

Each Waiver is a bit different qualifications but generally you:

  •  Must have an Intellectual Disability, Related Disability or qualify for DDSN Services under the category of Head and Spinal Cord Injury.
  •  Must be able to receive Medicaid or already have Medicaid
  •  Must require a degree of care that would be provided in an institutional care facility or nursing facility.
  •  Must choose to receive the services by signing a Freedom of Choice form
  •  Must have needs that can be met by the waiver
  •  Once enrolled you must receive a service every 30 days to keep the waiver

How will it help me?

Please see the Medicaid Waiver Fact Sheets for more information

on what services are available through this waiver.  Please keep in mind that each service has specific criteria and all services are based on a need for that service.  Your case manager will work with you to assess needs and determine what services will best meet those needs.

How can I get one?

Of the three waiver programs operated by the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, 2 have waiting lists.  The Head and Spinal Cord Injury (HASCI) Waiver is the only waiver that currently (as of 12/1/2018) does not have a waiting list.  The Intellectual Disability/Related Disabilities (ID/RD) and Community Supports (CS) Waivers both have waiting lists.  If you are not currently on a waiting list or are unsure if you are on a waiting list please contact your case manager and they will verify your placement on the list and, if necessary, ensure you are added.  If you do not have a Case Manager or you are not connected into the DDSN system you can start the process on our How Can I Get DDSN Services page.

There are also several waiver programs operated by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), it is possible that you may qualify for one of those waiver programs.  While it is only possible to be in one waiver at a time, one of the DHHS waivers may help meet some of your needs while you wait for your place in one of the DDSN Waivers.


More Detailed Information about waiver programs.

More information about a specific DDSN operated waiver