Autism-Related Resources

  1. ABA Provider Database: A comprehensive database of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) providers in South Carolina for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

  2. Able SC: A nonprofit organization that provides advocacy, resources, and peer support to empower individuals with disabilities to live independently and inclusively.
    1-800-681-6805 or

  3. Attachment and Biobehavioral Catchup: A specialized intervention program that supports caregivers in nurturing secure attachments with infants and young children.
    1-843-472-4642 or

  4. BabyNet: South Carolina’s early intervention system for infants and toddlers which provides services and support to enhance their development and well-being.
    1-866-512-8881 or

  5. Big Red Safety Box: A program offering safety resources, tools, and educational materials to caregivers to help prevent and respond to emergency situations.
    1-877-622-2884 or

  6. Center for Disability Resources Library: Rent/Borrow books, videos, brochures, and audiotapes covering a variety of disability-related topics.
    1-803-216-3206 or

  7. Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs: A program offering children with special healthcare needs supplies, equipment, prescription drugs, special formula, medical services, blood products, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and bone-anchored hearing aids.
    1-803-898-0784 or

  8. Circle of Parents: Provides a friendly, supportive environment facilitated by trained facilitators and led by parents and other caregivers. A place where anyone in a parenting role can openly discuss the successes and challenges of raising children and where they can find and share support.

  9. Circle of Security: A program that helps caregivers connect with the children in their lives by reflecting on children’s attachment needs to promote secure attachment with a child. Recommended for children ages 4 months – 5 years old. This group is free and is held virtually. New classes start each month. or

  10. Community Choices Waiver: A Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver that provides support and services to individuals 18+ with disabilities to live in their communities and avoid institutionalization.

  11. Community Support Waiver: A Medicaid HCBS waiver offered by SC DDSN that provides comprehensive services and support to individuals with autism and intellectual or related disabilities.

  12. Continuum of Care: South Carolina’s statewide system provides coordinated services for children, ensuring a continuum of care throughout their lifespan. The service is for youth aged 21 or under with serious emotional disturbance or substance use disorders who are at risk of out-of-home placement.
    1-803-734-4500 or 

  13. Disability Rights: An advocacy organization promoting and protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities, to ensure equal opportunities and inclusion.
    1-866-275-7273 or

  14. ESCAPE Kit: Education and safety kits for families of children who exhibit elopement behavior (also referred to as bolting, wandering, taking off, fleeing, etc.). Answer a few screening questions to see if you qualify for an Education and Safety for Children with Autism to Prevent Elopement (ESCAPE) Kit at no cost to you or your family, while supplies last.

  15. Family Caregiver Support: The South Carolina Department on Aging provides support and services to family and informal caregivers by offering information, assistance, referrals for counseling, support groups, training, respite care, and complementary services to informal caregivers.

  16. Family Connection: A support network providing resources, education, and connections to families to foster understanding and navigate the journey.
    1-800-578-8750 or

  17. First 5 SCConnect families with SC’s public services for children birth through age 5. Checks eligibility for over 40 services. Now includes a common application for many of the services.

  18. Greenville CAN: A coalition of self-advocates, service providers, families, caregivers, and professionals committed to making Greenville a better place to live for individuals with disabilities.

  19. Health Insurance Premium Payment Program: A Medicaid program assisting families in South Carolina in paying for health insurance premiums to ensure access to essential services. 1-888-289-0709 Option 5, then Option 4 or
  20. IMPACT in SC: IMPACT provides training, encourages others to reach their personal goals, promotes the development of local self-advocacy groups, and encourages people with disabilities to have a voice in decision-making in the government, funding, and program development.

  21. Intellectual Disability/Related Disabilities (ID/RD) Waiver: A Medicaid HCBS waiver provided by SC DDSN that offers an array of services and supports to individuals with autism and intellectual or related disabilities to help them live independently and improve their quality of life.

  22. KinCarolinaCaregiver support where caregivers will be paired with a trained peer liaison, participate in support groups, learn their legal rights, strategies for system navigation, self-care, and receive financial support during the six-month program. Call 803-386-7696, email, or visit or

  23. Kindred Hearts of South Carolina: A nonprofit organization formed to serve kinship caregivers and their families and provide valuable resources and support to formal and informal kinship care placements. Call 803-553-7277 or

  24. Low Country Autism Foundation: A nonprofit organization offering comprehensive support, education, and resources to individuals with autism and their families in the Lowcountry region.
    1-843-800-7171 or
  25. Medically Complex Children’s Waiver: A waiver program administered by SC Medicaid that provides specialized services and support for medically complex children 0-21 with significant medical needs, allowing them to receive care at home or in the community.
  26. Mobile Crisis: A DMH crisis response program providing immediate assistance and support for individuals with autism experiencing mental health crises.
    Call 833-864-2274, or visit:

  27. MUSC Developmental Pediatrics: 135 Rutledge Avenue MSC 567, Charleston, SC 29425. 843-878-1511.
  28. MUSC PCIT: A telehealth-based Parent-Child Interaction Therapy program offered by the Medical University of South Carolina to support families of children with autism in enhancing their relationship and social skills.

  29. NAMI SC Support Groups: National Alliance on Mental Illness South Carolina holds free, ongoing support groups, with virtual and in-person options. All groups are peer-led and there are separate groups for family members and those who experienced symptoms of a mental health condition.

  30. Office of Special Education: South Carolina’s office is dedicated to ensuring the provision of quality special education services and support to students with disabilities. . Please contact Dr. Lannette Cox, Special Education Ombudsman, for assistance at 803-734-2833.
  31. ORS Free Communication DevicesThe Amplify Life program offers free communication tablets to individuals with disabilities to facilitate communication and independence.
    1-877-225-8337 or

  32. PASOs: Helps the Latino community and service providers work together. Community Health Workers screen children and those with developmental needs are referred to appropriate resources, therapies, and specialty care. They also connect families to resources that address child development, hunger, medical needs, and others. Call 803-465-5987, or visit

  33. Palmetto ABLE Savings Program: Allows individuals with disabilities the opportunity to save and invest money while maintaining eligibility for important needs-based benefits.
    1-800-439-1653 or

  34. PRISMA Division of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics: (Formally known as Greenville Healthcare System). Suite A-200, 200 Patewood Drive, Greenville, SC 29615. 864-454-5115.
  35. Project Lifesaver: A program that utilizes tracking technology to aid in the timely location and rescue of individuals who may wander or become lost.
    1-877-580-LIFE or

  36. Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities: Offer specialized residential care, providing comprehensive mental health services, therapeutic interventions, and support in a structured environment to promote their emotional well-being and behavioral development.

  37. Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services: A SC Medicaid program that encompasses a range of evidence-based interventions and therapies (Family Support, Behavior Modification, Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, and Family Therapy) that can be tailored to individuals with autism and a co-morbid mental health diagnosis to enhance their functional abilities, social skills, and overall well-being.
  38. SC Assistive Technology Program: A USC program that promotes access to assistive technology devices and services to enhance independence and quality of life. Call 803-935-5263, or visit:

  39. SC DMH: The South Carolina Department of Mental Health, provides mental health services and resources, including support for individuals with a mental health diagnosis in addition to autism and their families. Individuals must have a consistent form of communication.
    1-803-898-8581 or
  40. SC DSS: The South Carolina Department of Social Services, offers various support programs and resources, including those beneficial for individuals with autism and their families. . For information regarding special needs childcare vouchers please contact
  41. SC Medicaid Case Management: Assess, plan, problem-solve and identify resources:

  42. SC Medicaid: South Carolina’s Medicaid program, provides healthcare coverage and support services to eligible individuals.
    1-888-549-0820 or
  43. SC Parents: An online resources and support platform for parents and caregivers, offering information, resources, and community connections.
  44. SC Respite Coalition: Offers a Respite Voucher Program designed to support families and caregivers by providing temporary relief through respite care services, promoting their overall well-being and capacity to continue caring for their loved ones.
    1-866-345-6786 or

  45. SC Thrive: SC Thrive is an organization in South Carolina that offers resources, tools, and assistance to individuals, helping them access essential benefits including Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, etc. Call 1-800-726-8774 or visit 

  46. SC Vocational Rehab: The South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department, assists individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment.                                   Call 1-800-832-7526 or visit

  47. Special Needs Network of Dentists: This web-based directory provides a current list of dentists in South Carolina who have reported that they will treat patients with mild and/or moderate-severe manifestations of many different developmental and acquired special needs.
  48. Special Olympics: A program providing year-round programs and services to local communities. Some of the programs they offer are basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, and more.
    Call 803-772-1555, or visit  
  49. Statewide Independent Living Counsel: An organization advocating for the rights and independent living of individuals with disabilities, including autism, in South Carolina.
    1-800-994-4322 or
  50. Strengthening Families Program: A 14-session weekly program providing evidence-based strategies and resources to strengthen family relationships and promote positive outcomes for children ages 6-11.
    803-744-4041 or
  51. Supplemental Security Income: A federal program that provides financial assistance to eligible individuals, helping to meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life.
    1-800-772-1213 or
  52. Triple P: Positive Parenting Program is a free, research-based parenting program offering strategies for toddler tantrums to teenage rebellion. The program offers support to parents to promote their child’s social and emotional development.
  53. United Way: SC 211 provides information and referral services for all of South Carolina to those needing assistance with rent, electric bills, food pantries, shelters, legal aid, etc.
    Call 211 or
  54. USC School of Medicine, Developmental Pediatrics: Located at 9 Richland Medical Park Suite 210, Columbia, SC 29203. Call 803-434-6598.
  55. Wings for All: A program that allows individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to experience boarding a plan so they can become comfortable with the process.

For more information or assistance please contact the Autism Division Director:

Stephanie Turner, LMSW, MPH, BCBA


3440 Harden Street Extension, Columbia, SC 29203