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Choosing a Life Planner


Sample Questions to Ask

  1. What interested you in becoming a life planner?
  2. What type of experience do you have with people with disabilities (a family member with a disability or work with people with disabilities?)

    1. What type(s) of disability(ies)?
    2. How much experience do you have (how many years)?

  3. How would you describe your approach or style in leading Person- Centered planning meetings? (In other words, does the life planner have his/her own unique approaches to be used during the planning meeting?)
  4. How would you prepare for my Person-Centered planning meeting (would we meet in person, talk by phone, etc.)?
  5. How familiar are you with services and supports as well as other resources in _____________ county (where you, as a consumer or family, live)?
  6. How successful do you think you will be in coming up with creative ideas for meeting the needs addressed at the planning meeting? (Such as if there aren't financial means to meet the need, there is a waiting list for services, or there is a service available which is not an option)