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Intellectual Disability and Related Disabilities Waiver


To qualify for Intellectual Disability/Related Disabilities (ID/RD) Waiver services, a person must:

  • have a diagnosis of intellectual disability or related disability which includes autism
  • be Medicaid eligible
  • be given the option of receiving services in his/her home and community or in an Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID)
  • require the degree of care that would be provided in the ICF/ID (meet ICF/ID level of care)
  • have needs that can be met by the provision of services funded by the waiver
  • Federal Law requires that the cost of Medicaid Waiver and State Plan services must be less expensive than or equal to the cost of institutional care


ID/RD Waiver services will be terminated when a person:

  • voluntarily withdraws or no longer wishes to receive services funded by the Waiver
  • no longer meets ICF/ID level of care
  • is no longer eligible for Medicaid as determined by the SC Department of Health and Human Services
  • is admitted to an ICF/ID
  • receives no Waiver services for 30 days
    (Note: In certain circumstances, a person's waiver slot can be held for 90 days.)
  • moves out of state

ID/RD Waiver Manual For Case Managers and Early Interventionists

The Intellectual Disability and Related Disabilities (ID/RD) Manual provides an in-depth, thorough description of the process of applying for and acquiring an ID/RD Waiver. You may download each chapter listed in the table of contents below.

September 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 (DOC)   What is a Waiver?
Chapter 2 (PDF)   South Carolina’s ID/RD Waiver
Chapter 3 (DOC)   Requesting a Slot - Waiver Information Sheet (DOC)
Chapter 4 (DOC)   Freedom of Choice
Chapter 5 (DOC)   ICF/IID Level of Care
Chapter 6 (PDF)   Enrollments
Chapter 7 (PDF)   Disenrollment
Chapter 8 (DOC)   Alternative Residential Placements - Updated Form 33 (PDF)
Chapter 9 (DOC)   Denial, Reduction, Suspension or Termination of Waiver Services
Chapter 10            Waiver Services (PDF)

Chapter 11 (DOC)   Waiver Overview
Chapter 12 (PDF)   Waiver Tracking System Procedures
Chapter 13 (PDF)   Monthly Utilization Form Procedures
Chapter 14 (DOC)   Miscellaneous

  • Preventative/Rehabilitative Services for Primary Care Enhancement (P/RSPCE)
  • Principle Interaction between P/RSPCE and ID/RD Waiver
  • ID/RD Waiver and Hospice Services
  • Out of State Travel for ID/RD Waiver recipients
  • Income Trust
  • Purging an ID/RD Waiver File
  • Emergency Service Approval

Chapter 15 (PDF)   Transferring A Waiver Case To Another Service Coordination/Early Intervention Provider