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QIO FY18 Licensing Review Process

Review Notification

The Q10 provides notification of the Licensing review for Day, Residential, or Respite Services on the day of inspection

The provider designates a staff to meet the licensing review on site at the designated time. The provider may have staff at each location and the staff does not need to be a supervisor or assigned to work in that section.


Review Process

The Q10 staff reviews the location using the DDSN Licensing Standards

The provider must have required documentation on-site or made available during the time of review, or the documentation must be uploaded to the Q10 Portal. 


Review Wrap-Up

At the end of each review the Q10 staff will verbally present any finding for the location to the provider contractor an opportunity to reconcile any issues.

At the conclusion of the review the provider will receive a brief, written summary of findings for each location. The provider will then have a 48 hour window to upload additional documentation fir consideration.


Report of Findings and Appeals

The report of findings is posted on the Q10 provider Portal within 30 days of the completion of the review.

The provider may appeal any citations that remain in disagreement. The appeal form must be completed and uploaded to the provider portal with supporting documentation. The provider must click the "Appeal" box on the Plan of Correction template to mark the documentation for appeal review.


Plans of Correction and Follow-Up

A plan of correction is due for each citation within 30 days if receipt of the Report of Findings, unless the citation is appealed.

A Follow-up review will be scheduled within 4-6 months to ensure successful implementation for the Plan of Correction.