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Person Centered Planning

  • In Person-Centered Planning, the gifts and positive abilities instead of the weaknesses and inabilities of the individual are the focus.
  • Person-Centered Planning focuses on developing connections within the community to provide supports for the person.
  • Services and supports are developed for the person based on their needs, wants, and desires instead of “fitting” the person into current services and programs.
  • Supports developed during Person-Centered Planning help the person to:

    • Set their personal goals
    • Meet new people
    • Try new things
    • Contribute to and be supported by their community
    • Have who and what is important to them in their everyday life
    • Stay healthy and safe

Person-Centered Planning helps everyone:

    • Look at an individual in a different way. The person is seen first, not the disability.
    • Increase opportunities for community participation and inclusion.
    • Recognizes the person’s desires, interests, wants, and dreams.
    • Through team effort, develop a plan to support the person in the life they desire to live.
    • Gives people more control and choice in their lives in regard to the services and supports they want and need.


Are you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Life Planner?