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Key Strategic Goals

  1. Broaden the range and improve the quality of supports and services responsive to the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families utilizing cost-effective strategies.
    1. Redesign and expand the scope of services and supports to address the needs of eligible persons in crisis situations and on waiting lists.
    2. Promote and encourage choice of service providers and allow consumers to select services they need from qualified providers they refer within individually assessed resource limits.
    3. Provide information on service resources, requirements and options to individuals and families.
    4. Increase the proportion of community integrated options for persons in regional centers and in the community pursuant to the Olmstead U.S. Supreme Court decision.
    5. Maximize state and federal resources by using more efficient service models.
    6. Coordinate and partner with other agencies in areas of mutual interest to maximize resources and to avoid duplication.
  2. Maintain accountability to all citizens of South Carolina by strengthening quality of services.
    1. Continue implementation of a performance measurement system linked to customer satisfaction and achievement of consumer’s outcomes.
    2. Continue to track and analyze performance data and trends in support of quality improvement initiatives.
    3. Enhance quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives and maintain compliance with federal standards.
    4. Minimize the occurrence and reduce the severity of disabilities through primary and secondary prevention initiatives.