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Key Strategic Challenges

  • Mission:
    • Meet Increased Levels of service demand
    • Expand and broaden resources and service choices
  • Operational:
    • Manage critical cases and reduce waiting lists
    • Improve quality
    • Implement external mandates in ways that minimize negative impact to services and costs
    • Incorporate and maximize new technologies in agency systems and processes
  • Human Resources:
    • Maintain key workforce capacity and retention
    • Meet the increased levels of service demands identified without compromising quality of care, while meeting budget limitations
    • Enhance workforce development and training
  • Financial:
    • Maximize all revenue sources and employ measures to control costs
    • Increase resources to meet increased service needs
    • Implement new federal and state Medicaid requirements
  • Community-related:
    • Meet increased consumer demands
    • Meet taxpayer expectations
    • Increase levels of acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities