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Day/Residential Observation

Day and Residential Service observations are completed as a separate review in the DDSN Quality Assurance Process. The Day and Residential Observation process will stands alone as a distinct measure of service delivery, focused more on consumer outcomes. A Day Service Observation will be completed for 100% of DDSN’s Contracted Day Service locations and 25% of DDSN’s Contracted Non-ICF/IID Residential Service Locations. The Observations may be completed in conjunction with other review types, including Licensing Reviews and/or Contract Compliance, or they may take place as a separate visit when service recipients are present.

FY23 Day Services On-Site Review (PDF)

FY23 Residential Services On-Site Review (PDF)


Day/Residential Observation FAQ

  1. Will the provider receive prior notice for Residential and Day Observation visits?     No. 
    The Observation visits are designed to capture services on a regular day, without preparation. The QIO will arrange for the Observation to take place during regular hours when services are in place. The only exceptions are CTH-I locations, which may be pre-arranged.

  2. What happens if the residential setting has plans that interfere with the Residential Observation? 
    The Residential Observation should not interfere with any scheduled activities. The QIO staff may ask the participants if they would mind having the QIO staff join them on the activity, or they may postpone the observation.

  3. Can the Day Observation take place at the same time as the Day Licensing Review?     Yes. 
    The Day Observation may take place at the same time as the Day Licensing Review, but it does not have to be at the same time. The Day Observation does not have to take place at the same time as any other review process.

  4. How will the new Residential Observation differ from the prior Residential Observation that was part of the Contract Compliance Review process? 
    The new Residential Observation process is a completely separate review. It is not connected with the Contract Compliance Review Process and it will not be factored into the scoring for CCR. The tool is the same, but the process is different.

  5. Can the Residential Observation take place at the same time as the Licensing Review or Contract Compliance Review? 
    The Residential Observation may take place at the same time as other reviews, or it can be completely separate. The scheduling will likely vary among various locations.

  6. How many Residential Observations will be completed for my organization? 
    Approximately 25% of a provider’s Residential Habilitation Settings will have a Residential Observation. This includes all non-ICF/IID settings.


QIO FY18 Review Process for Day and Residential Observation

Review Process

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