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Contract Compliance Activities

Contract Compliance Review (CCR) Process

Contract Compliance Reviews (CCR) are coordinated to monitor service delivery within the contracted provider agencies. DDSN contracts with a Quality Improvement Organization, Alliant ASO, to conduct annual assessments of service providers by making on-site visits in its Contract Compliance Review (CCR) process. During this process, records are reviewed, consumers, staff, and family members interviewed, and observations made to make sure that services are being implemented as planned and based on the consumer’s need, that the consumer/family still wants and needs them, and that they comply with contract and/or funding requirements and best practices. In addition, the service provider’s administrative capabilities are reviewed annually to ensure compliance with DDSN standards, contracts, policies, and procedures.


Contract Compliance Review (CCR) Instruments

In conducting Contract Compliance reviews, DDSN utilizes the following forms and documents.

General Information for FY23 Provider Contract Compliance Reviews (PDF)

CCR Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

FY23 Administrative Indicators (PDF)

FY23 Case Management CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY23 Early Intervention CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY23 Day Services CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY23 Employment CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY23 In-Home Supports CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY23 Residential Habilitation CCR Indicators (PDF)

Alliant ASO Provider Education Meeting (PDF)

Provider Scoring for FY22 Contract Compliance Reviews (PDF)

Key Indicator Provider Comments and Response FY22 (PDF)

FY22 Administrative CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY22 Case Management CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY22 Early Intervention CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY22 Day Services CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY22 Employment CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY22 In-Home Supports CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY22 Residential Habilitation CCR Indicators (PDF)

FY20 QIO Provider Orientation Slides (PDF)