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Respite is care and supervision provided to individuals unable to care for themselves. Services are provided on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing the care. Respite may be used on a regular basis to provide relief to caregivers or in response to a family emergency or crisis.

To learn more about Respite click here: Respite Program Standards (PDF)



ARCH National Respite Network

Lifespan Respite Partnership

South Carolina Respite Coalition


South Carolina Respite Coalition Forms:

Household Employer Forms (PDF)


Charles Lea Center Fiscal Agent Forms:

Charles Lea 2020 Respite Caregiver Packet (PDF)

Charles Lea Fiscal Agent Forms (PDF)


Jasper County DSN Board Fiscal Agent Forms:

Checklist of Items Needed (DOC)

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization (DOC)

Employee Payment Agreement (DOC)

Fiscal Agent Agreement Form (DOC)

Fiscal Agent Agency MOU (DOC)

Participant Information Sheet (DOC)

Provider/Caregiver Information (DOC)

Care Provider Responsibilities Agreement (DOC)

Liability Statement (DOC)

IRS Form 2678 (PDF)

IRS Form 8821 (PDF)

IRS Form SS-4 (PDF)

IRS Form W-4 (2019) (PDF)