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Engineering and Planning Division

Construction Procurement


Invitation for Construction Services
Project Number Project Name
J16-2022-026-P Whitten Center - Pool Infill
J16-2022-027-P Whitten Center - Administration Building Ramp
J16-2022-030-P Pee Dee Center - Fencing
J16-2022-035-P Midlands Center - Residential Dorms Exterior Painting
J16-2022-037-P Midlands Center - Dorms Interior Painting
J16-2022-038-A1 Whitten Center - Building 106 - Roof Replacement
J16-2023-001-A Coastal Center - Weather Protection Window Film Installation
J16-2023-003-P Midlands Center Dorms Interior Painting - 22/23
J16-2023-004-P Midlands Center Dorms Exterior Painting - 22/23
J16-9933-A1 Coastal Center - Highlands 110 - Roof Replacement